Chrome this wasnt expected of you.

As a very shocking development all my installed apps on chrome have been uninstalled automatically.I had about 30 of them all from different sections added up meticulously over a span of 1 year.There were many games like conveyor, angry birds , word puzzle and utility apps like screenshot , indian railway app and the magical adblockerplus.Then there was this app which gave all the open wifi sources at a particular region, another which was graph calculator…

The recently installed beatlabs and alchemy game.

Since a month or so the conveyor was asking for extra permissions which i had been denying, did it took its revenge on me?

What would happen if i wake up one day to find out all my bookmarks are gone? it would be devastating. Today i synced my chrome with my gmail account.They say it will keep them safe.

There lies a vast task at hand which i am going to procrastinate for some other day:installing new apps.

Dear apps You all are missed.


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