Chrome History Data

It has always intrigued me how the history of browser works.I have always wanted to read the History data so it will give me offline access to all my visited pages.Its amazing how much the history can save.Sometimes it amazes me that there are many things which we do not realize while browsing but searching for a phrase in history gives the same phrase highlighted on a previously viewed page.

I am trying to find out a way to read the chromes history data.It stores almost every thing, at least all the text data .Just imagine how much browsing bytes would be saved if you could re-open the text only format of your visited site offline.
Primary investigation gave me the result that the history is stored in SQLite format.
The file is stored in C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\UserData\Default\ directory named as History, format is file.

So now if I get some SQLite client for windows I would be able to view the sql data.

Visual Basic supports compact sql format but it fails to load the History file.i had changed its name to history.sdf. Renaming does not always work well.
There is but net speed is too low for quick download.I downloaded it somehow.
Unzipped it.No installation required!

Now i need to set the path for sqlite3.
CMD>Path D:\downloads\software;%PATH% doesnt work well on my PC
So i follow these steps through GUI
Computer>System Properties>Advanced System Settings>Environment Variables>ClassPath

Now entered the Path where there is Sqlite3 extracted.

Here is some sql which i found on net:
sqlite3 History “select datetime(last_visit_time/1000000-11644473600,’unixepoch’),url from  urls order by last_visit_time desc” > history_export.txt

This created a text file with list of all the site visited.
Though it does not gave me what I exactly wanted but it gives me the belief that at least this can be done easily.
I will have to find out more about the database and table structure of history before I can write my own sql.
This project is on my todo list i will do it someday soon.