"a drone"

Run! Run! The Sky Shoots!!

“The battlefield is destroyed most in a battle, more than the parties fighting.”

In the animated world Superpowers(SPs) play the peace keeper.And I get it why they are respected and called superpowers.
In our world, the more real one, they are the ‘war-keepers’ : responsible for carrying war somehow somewhere. International laws are made for them too, but only to break.Some say that is why they are superpowers.
These wars might cost the SPs only soldiers and a large hole in exchequer but the battle hosting country loses more than military and civilian life, their land becomes barren, environment is polluted  and their generation is injected with hatred for the local and the attacking government."a drone from wikipedia"

The drone resembles a fighter plane in all respect except that it is unmanned and controlled by someone sitting at some remote location away from the dangers of the battlefield.The arrival of drone marks the beginning of new era in modern warfare.
The bi-sided human loss equation which was mandatory condition for fighting a war will be redefined. The side using drones will minimize their casualty, thereby reducing the political pressure from home to stop the war and they will not have anything to mourn for even if the war extends for a long time.Now a country with deep pockets can win without shedding their own blood.

The enemy civilians and militants are reduced to some pixels on a screen ready to be bombed any minute. Unprecedentedly,  killing people has come down to playing video games and this is a dangerous development.
As time passes the military combat arsenal of the SP nation will have unmanned tanks, robots for fighting and controlling war ships. And with all this AI development war zones will be converted to gaming arena, anyone with gaming skills will be able to participate in war and he wont have to pay the price of losing an arm or dying in the battlefield.That seems some distant future does it not?Wait for Iraq to be attacked may be these weapon come out for beta-testing.

Consistent Drone attacks by US on Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen  have been reported to cause  many civil causalities. There are many events that go or are made unreported.
Life of people living in war-prone areas,irrespective of reason  and SP behind the war has been dangerously inhumane.  They have to sleep with an eye open for seeing if there is some robot ready to kill them. The long unrest in Afghanistan has caused a great deal of disaster. Most of the population of Afghanistan has lost someone from their family to random bombings and have spent time in some refugee camp."The Afghan -Girl"

This is the picture of the famous Afghan girl, whose life has been marred by war, taken by a National Geographics photographer at an interval of 30 years.She has narrated her story here.This is just one of the millions suffering human being.

One of the less known fact about these Drones is that they can be hacked into and there targets can be changed without the knowledge of the original operator! But that can be fixed someday and does not concern me today.

When I was a kid  there was this essay I had to write “Science & Technology : A Boon or Bane”, then I had no idea how science could be bane.
We are living in times when human race is no longer a hunter or gatherer, we are living in times when we are pushing the world of possibilities to meet the imagination of science fiction writers.But while we are engaged in this over ambitious pursuit this question comes back : Boon or Bane?