Electronic Media & Sheeps

Each Minute Breaking News,Hourly debates, Sting operations, Supernatural mystery, Scandalous tapes, Cricket gossip summing it up: Cacophony.
Has Electronic media overdone everything?

Given the simplicity of print media and the impact it had on the psyche of its reader, it is evident that comparatively today’s tools of  media make it a behemoth which could alter the political and social course unprecedentedly quick and swift.
But owing to unseen powers its vast potential is turning dung. Despite its ignorance, it is still affecting peoples decisions sub-consciously and forming the public opinion.We can pity or despise at them for not being up to mark.Especially 24 hour news channels have trivialized their role by their incessant blabbering. Unluckily we have no escape from their doing. Their role is pivotal in the society’s norm making process.The hysteria they gather over trivia leaves many serious questions unanswered and many new complications in the existing conditions of the society.They make and mar public figures as they are the sole interface between ‘People’  and ‘The People’. They have the power to change the definition and the domain of any issue by using tools like moral obligation or freedom of choice. We have to live with them.So it is our responsibility to scrutinize them and use some or the other means of criticism for removing their frippery.

Other dangerous possibility might be that they know what they are doing and only trying to veil their intentions of forming the exact public opinion about everything and everything so they can promote and sell what they want.American stand up comedian and minute observer of social behaviors, George Carlin,  has said “In America when it comes to choices we have paper or plastic, aisle or window, smoking or non-smoking , coke or Pepsi everything else is laid out for you : the political party only 2, the media houses 3 or 4,the oil companies 2 or 3.”
Maybe in India too, we are being shepherded by them.