Dumb Network solutions: Making IP static

Sometimes you might observe that your neighbour can access colleges lan while you can not, a well known solution to this is making your ip static.
“IP address is the number by which your computer is known in the network.”

A static ip address means that the number of your computer does not change even when you restart your computer or re-connect it to the lan using wire or wifi,
By default your ip address is dynamic i.e. it keeps on changing each time the network is connected to, and you dont have to configure the details.It automatically does everything.

While using static ip you have to configure the details yourself.
The details include: desired ip address, subnet mask, default gateway, dns server address, alternate dns server address.

You can configure it by going to
Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center
click on the left hand side: change adapter setting
then double click the lan / wireless icon
then go to properties
enter the password if it asks for it
scroll down and find the internet protocol version 4 (tcp/ipv4)
double click on it
another window will pop out
check “use the following ip”
enter the values as
ip address:10.xx.yy.zz
subnet mask;
default gateway:xx.yy.zz.aa
check the “use the following dns server address”
dns server:
alternate dns:

click ok
click on details to see if the desired ip is set
click ok
the values of xx,yy,zz should be within range(00,256)
in case of up hostels the dns might be different you can check with local hub admins to find their dns .

NOTE: change the values according to your network.