Did Apes Rape ?

Rapes have started to be a part of daily life of people in our country through mass media. Rapes are horrendous,brutal,unpardonable. Imbalance of power creates havoc, we are witnessing one here. While there is a great amount of debate and discussion going on about how we should try to curb this social evil. People are busy raping People. While i am writing this and you are reading it, there is quite good chance that people are being attempted for rape.

Humans by nature are sexual. Animals for  that matter are also sexual. But a major difference between humans and animals that is often clouded by the fact that humans can think, is, humans can be perennially  sexually active. This has had a major impact on how our race human race as a whole has survived and developed.
But human beings are also emotional. Emotions are stronger than human beings.They are stronger than ideas. Ideas might stimulate emotions but, in first place it was some emotion that led to that idea. Emotions when once get into someone make them stronger.
Human beings are slave of habits, emotional and sexual.
They are also social.
Society is not a just one either, it churns out the weak and frustrates them in myriad ways.
The root cause of rape remains somewhere in the complex ways these major forces (society,emotion, habit) twist people to act.
Lack of empathy and finding self-esteem also motivates people to do heinous acts.
None of which can actually matter. We need a solution.

Wait.Has rape been a part of human history? Is it the improvement in communication  that society is able to discover the other side?
Well, rape and pillages by army have been a ritual of all post-war victory campaign.
The harems are proof enough of  lascivious princes and ministers.
It is quite possible that the moans of the victims have been either ignored or suppressed too hard, that they have accepted it as destiny.

The contemporary conditions are made worse by the hypocritical nature of administration against the injustice done.The repeated tests, social stigma attached to rape, torture  the victim more than the actual misfortune.

Women empowerment will be the next big revolution in the world , the next big one after banning human slavery.
Empowered by technology may be this will be quick.The zeitgeist will change.
Till then make people aware around you that the rapist is the one they should look down upon and not the victim.

P.S. Outcast the rapist.