What changes does India need to undergo in order to develop?

Answer by Abhishek Pandey:

Changes India require:

  1. Extensive use of technology for making health and other basic services reach the masses.
  2. Invest in research: make it attractive for graduates as much as engineering has/had become/became.
  3. Legislative Change: Make Fast-Fast Courts.Recruit more judges.Justice delayed IS justice denied. It is not just a cliche. It affects all parts of governance and demotivates and frustrates the honest lot.
  4. Become an innovation society : Accept, encourage and laud innovators and entrepreneurs. Make our colleges more focused on innovation.
  5. Change the teaching methodologies in colleges: Rote learning has degraded the quality and wears off interest of student in the subject.Read this outsiders take: An Indian education?
    This can create a massive impact on developing our nation
  6. Respect women and make their life safer : Besides everything this will increase the workforce and workforce is what any developing nation needs.This will boost the tourism industry too.
  7. Implement real policies for development of farmers: Besides the goodwill it will generate, this will curb insurgency problem.
    This needs to be done seriously as it affects largest demographic segment.
  8. Develop in house weapons: Save a lot of money as of now India is the largest importer of Israeli weapons.
  9. Make it easier to setup new companies
  10. Revise arcane laws.

Some Changes that Indian require:

  1. Become more aware about cleanliness: Spitting on road is not cool, neither is dumping garbage.
  2. Become less hypocritical: Be it about morality, corruption or tradition.Accepting dowry is not ok nor is giving it.
  3. Become less cynical: "Rich people are rich because they contributed something of value to society at some point of time."
  4. Know that "Arts and commerce students are not dumb",especially those who study it after 10th grade.:We need a lot of talent in these field to cope up with the myriad problems.
  5. Respect Researchers and Scientists.
  6. Paying for accessing services is not a bad thing: Be it train ticket or electricity.
  7. Queue formation: seriously, and the authorities need to do something about it too like considering demographic factors, peak hours for deciding number of counters, buses etc.
  8. Know that increasing GDP will not create developed nation: The great number fetish
  9. Know that a developing nation title is nothing to be proud of and demand more from the government when it shows this as an accomplishment.

There are a large number of things to do but these came at top of my head.

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One thought on “What changes does India need to undergo in order to develop?

  1. India should develop the process of regeneration like E_waste…..and mainly education system.Not to repeat the lessons and practical methods should be developed


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