Poems that I wrote 1: Blackout


As the sight blurs,
The shores become less visible
As the wind carries my canoe away
The unknown is becoming known,
The fear inside me becomes more tangible
The phony confidence starts to sway
I find myself in jeopardy, it feels horrible!!
Reality, are you real?
Ohh terrible!
With wounds green and stabs umpteen
In this foggy sea, friends nor foes can be seen
Only me, the moisture and the salt
Can you tell who is at fault?
. . . . .
Pity! No one can.
Time or tide
None giving me a ride
Standing here
I still remember all the faces
I still remember all the places
The things they did
Their ugly intentions hid
The traitors masked as friends
Whom I could not defend
Their precipitancy rather verity made me weak
My energy and vigor lost in the leak
I sat baffled
As they ruffled……….
Finally they pushed me into this sea
Since then I and canoe is ‘we’…
It started to rain
And my body shook with pain
Somehow I manage to remain afloat
Helplessly on my broken boat
Sun, its aura is hazed
Stretch of sea, I am bewilderedly amazed
Rays of hope are onubilating
Ways to escape are terminating
Above and below, right and left
I see only water
My dreams of seeing land shatter
Now nothing seems to matter
Only canoe and me
We and sea…
Sea of hopelessness
Sea of abjectness
Sea of aggravations
And the
Sea of broken relations
Floating alone
Slowly, my senses turn to numb zone
Feelings fading
Vision blearing
The pain is muting
Black out!!


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