An Insightful Story

I read this really insightful story somewhere.
I am reproducing it, though not verbatim.

In a make-you-successful-workshop, the guide took a glass in hand poured water into it. Now the glass was half full.
The attendes thought they knew what question was coming, Is the glass half full or half empty?, but they were wrong.
The guide asked what is the weight of the glass.
The audience approxiamated and answered something between 8oz to 20oz.
Ththe instructor told them that all the answers were wrong, and the question needed to be more specific to be answered, weight of the glass would vary with time.

Say if you have to pick it for a moment and then put it down you wont feel the weight. But you have to pick it up and keep it up for 5 minutes, you might feel some strain and the glass will appear to have considerable weight.Now if you have to keep it up for over an hour your hands might get numb.
Same happens when you think about something. If you think for a moment and then leave it , it does not weigh anything to you.
But if  you keep thinking about it for long it becomes heavier and heavier .Heavy enough to crush you.
So how can you avoid being crushed?
When an issue bugs you and forces you to think about it for the first time take action so you dont have to think about it for long.

Hold the glass only while you drink from it!

What do you think about this article?

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