In Darkness Eyes Begin To See

Today I felt an uncanny urge to check facebook first thing in the morning. While I tried to convince myself it wont be worth skipping recently started workout regime, I already had logged in on autopilot. Habits!
However, two articles that I read from my feed changed my rather insouciant mood drastically after ‘liking’ a 9gag photo and reading the details of apples’ event.
First oops-illegal-carcinogen-found-in-nearly-100-shampoos.
It states that most of the shampoos use a cancer-causing chemical ‘Cocamide DEA’. Following it on wiki, it is a foaming agent with general formula CH3(CH2)nC(=O)N(CH2CH2OH)2. It has been labelled a class 2 carcinogen (cancer-causing). In 2012 it was formally introduced to the carcinogen list, but many companies did not reviewed their ingredients and a lawsuit was filled against them in 2013. Well that is in a first world country, In India there is no check on these types of ‘technicalities’. Don’t we have regulatory bodies?
Yes, we have but they are too busy at detailing specification of 5 and 6 star hotel. And event if they make an effort, their archaic specifications won’t smell anything wrong with the deadly liquids. Let us assume they find out DEA to be carcinogenic after a year of consolidated test, and start the process for banning these it will take another 1-2 years. 3-4 years many will be in advanced stages of cancer by then. Why cant we import these decisions directly, like we do with fighter planes? Nimuslide or Nice that you pop on feeling feverish is permanently banned in the many foreign countries, due to its liver-toxicity issue but not here. [They were banned for a few years in India too but the ban has been revoked. Do you smell corruption here?]
And what about the manufacturers, the big global names who market these heavily. Don’t they have a responsibility towards the society? Of course there sophisticated lab and competent chemical scientist must have found out the flaw and suggested alternatives. But, it boils to monetary profit, economics is strong, stronger than science.

It is dark out here.Pitch black. Only light of awareness can help people see here.

Few days back my friend Saurabh, on seeing a green sachet of Head&Shoulder mint, on my rather cluttered shelf. had asked me to throw it and refrain from using it. Though he did not detail the reasons, my rational mind did not take it seriously. We need complete awareness about these issue, along with the details the scientific proof. A decade of learning science at school has conditioned us to hammer any statement with How and Why, and the one that fail at answering  it are downright rejected. Humanity would be blessed if there were no exception to this rational decision making rule but unfortunately there are and that takes me to the second article.

Politicians, there aura ,there speeches with backing from popular media forces people to believe in bs, without rationality.
The second article was about President Obama pitching the Americans for need of waging a war against troubled Syria and the “tyrant” Assad. He has even assured “american boots will not land on foreign soul” and there will be only “targeted attacks” and will vouch for “diplomatic path”.

Now how can we fall for it, we know the drill : From thousand of miles away a picture of a reckless devil with WMD [Weapons of Mass Destruction] is conjured.It is forced into everyone’s head, because when any American president talks the world listens. It is a different matter who writes those speeches, the arms industry, the automobile industry, fossil fuel demand or the american-Israel lobby. The legendary Late Rajiv DIxit in his numerous talks has outlined this trend, there will be a slump in economy, there will be a war, America will warmonger to sell its weapon, the country going to war will fuel the American economy [ cash and oil ], subsequently the whole globalized economy will be on a high of consume-produce-consume cycle. People against war will protest, object , write long articles, but soon the consume-produce-cycle will engulf even these.

WMD was introduced to our lexicon so it will be easy to convince that war is a way to go.Influencing mainstream media to conjure an image of danger / threat for forcing ppl into believing them has been their trend.This speech is a formal declaration of war with societal sanction.Late Rajiv Dixit ( Justice for – Amar shaheed Rajiv Dixit – death) in his lectures has many times told about how war acts as the stimulus to ailing economy.Not putting american boots on ground : that is a clear indication of shift in war policy, they are going to use drones on massive scale.It is also possible that all that is just another conspiracy theory.In any case Americans should demand for proofs of WMD/Chemical Wepaons before giving go ahead for even “targeted attacks”.

While writing that comment on the post i was apprehensive if the american intelligence will tag me and track all of my online activity using their NSA tools. But more than that the idea of war troubles me and  “boots wont land” suggestion troubles even more.It hints the use of Drones. Another strategic shift. As I wrote once bi-sided human loss equation which was mandatory condition for fighting a war will be redefined. The side using drones will minimize their casualty, thereby reducing the political pressure from home to stop the war…... with all this AI development war zones will be converted to gaming arena, anyone with gaming skills will be able to participate in war and he wont have to pay the price of losing an arm or dying in the battlefield…“.

While I, troubled and agitated, miss my AI class to write this. the world needs Buddhas and Vivekanandas to steer it out of crisis.
But can we  afford to wait ?
There is lot of light out there but it is dark.
We need to be rational, be our own light.

“Attadipa Viharatha”