Weird : A collection

The following have been written at random times doing random things. Disconnected from each other but perhaps have the same tone.

Working Hard was never a problem.
Working Hard till you bleed, that is something.
How much will you entertain yourself?
How much will be enough?
No Limits sire,
No Limits.
Love was a motive which brought me here.
Love has brought me down to my knees.
I now know for sure it is not love.
It was something else.
Cravings how much i have for you
Only i know
Teased and tensed i lie
Tickled by thought at the same time
Trying to trick but mind does not buy
Desires unfulfilled
Restless I lie.
The other day i saw you watching me
The ever glinting eyes were dull
The sparkle gone, now moist
Parting is tough
You make it tougher.

Easier too i realise
Your warmth and softness
Behind the bars
Imagining I live and die each day.
Society has hated me
I have hated it back
Mutual relations you know
Both have lost a lot.
Wasn’t this predetermined
Everything that will be done and that wont be done.
Everything was written.
Vile existence. Insects Animals Humans.
Wish i could smoke a cigar
How tough it can be
Holding Puffing Lightness
It is thick though.


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