Celebrating Thanksgiving

I have never celebrated thanksgiving, I dont even know if anyone does in India, but I like the concept.
Thanking people.
Something that I seldom do.

Wait I know it is about eating turkey with family but, I will pass on that. I am a vegetarian.

I thank my family for being with me unconditionally. A beyond words Thank You!

I thank my friends, one or the other for being there whenever I am in trouble, for picking up the phone and for not picking it up, for talking about nothing, for talking about many things and even not talking at times, for advices which are used and for advices which are neglected, for making fun of me and for being made fun of.A big Thank You !

I thank my colleagues/partial-friends at workplace for believing in the crazy ideas that I put forward and also for ‘duh-ing’ it out. I am really thankful to the people there who believe that we can change the world. We will.

I thank Bangalore, the city for ‘accommodating’ me and it never feels like that.I have met some passionate people here. I thank all of you whose paths have crossed with mine. I thank you for sharing your experiences and enriching my journey.

I thank all the awesome developers out there. Your products have a great impact on my life. While I might never be able to meet you in person, a very big Thank You!

I thank all the people who have written documentation of the various technologies and their experiences out there. Without you I don’t even know what I would be doing now. A big Thank You!

I thank all the doers out there: musicians, painters, photographer, authors, bloggers, poets, playwrights, actors, movie/tv series directors and their crew for creating awesomeness which touches, rejuvenates as well as inspires me on a daily basis. A big Thank You!

I thank all the people who or whose works are creating an impact on humanity : scientists, social scientists, researchers,entrepreneurs, designers and engineers. It is to you and your deed I look up to everyday to strengthen myself. A big thank you!

I thank all the teachers whose teaching and personality still serves a guiding beacon at times. I thank the teachers at Udacity and Coursera for putting up their brilliant work out there and allowing me to soak form them. A big Thank You!

I thank all the open source projects contributors for creating a community that allows me to make progress in leaps and bound, which otherwise would have been made in tiny steps. A big Thank You!

I thank all people who share their life experiences on communities like quora lift and so. You all deserve more than props and upvotes. A big Thank You!

I thank fever for making me take a off day so I could write posts on my so neglected blog. I will thank you more if you would leave me now.

I thank all people who read my blog entries, enjoyed them or have been disgruntled. Thank you for giving your time!

And I thank my laptop for being with me everyday for the last four years.

A big thank you for reading this!

Have an awesome day ahead!

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