Fueled He Drives

It is madness.
Too many cars. Too many people. Too much movement.
Everyone racing against time. Wanting to reach somewhere.
Everyone wants to, but they never reach there.

I wonder. And keep wondering. Cars race past me, leaving a whiff of smoke.

Just ponder for a while how complicated things are.
The fuel has been dug out from somewhere. It has been cleaned elsewhere.
A lot of work.
It has been carried from there. It has been carried here.
A lot of paperwork.
Someone went there in a car using some fuel taken from somewhere else, to fill the tank.
A small amount of manual work.
Then someone build this road. Installed the yellowish lights. Painted the dividers. Planted the trees. Installed the road signs. Not to forget manufacturing of car.

All for helping this man to reach somewhere.
Somewhere, even he is not sure of where to go.
Only if he had so much clarity, of where to go, he would have been there. Instead of being in this jam. Honking unnecessarily.
Guided by recommendations,advice and advertisements, in search of happiness. Contentment maybe.
Because they have told he can find it there.

They are playing a game. That is it.
Creating illusions for him. Sellers.
Just think for a while, whole world is on a sale. Can you buy it? Even if you will, will you stop moving.
Okay, do not take it personally. If he buys everything, will he stop moving?
Maybe for a while, but not for long.
But the catch is, he can not. He has to earn to buy. And then buy. Earn. Buy. And not to forget he has to move.
And time, it is certainly not an illusion for him. Its another reality.Harsher one.

Time is the most valuable thing, he has been taught.
Another lie.
If he wonders for truth, tell him living is more valuable.

But, he drives.


2 thoughts on “Fueled He Drives

  1. I really enjoyed this piece of writing. You did a good job of connecting material facts of contemporary life to timeless philosophical truths about human existence. The post really appealed to the Buddhism I am working on incorporating as everyday practice. Thank you for writing this, and namaste!

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