Cooking : Superpower Unlocked

I have started cooking!
Unlike my impression of it, its quite easy to prepare edible stuff with little practice.
You just have to follow the process and be cautious (You are actually playing with fire here). You will feel powerful changing raw vegetables, flours, spices into something that is edible delicious and unlike takeaways healthy using fire and water.
Like an alchemist, but more than that because food is more important than gold.

While I have been doing household chores for long, I have always been dependent on others for preparing my food all my life, not now.

The only problem is it is time consuming. It takes about an hour to prepare roti and vegetables. But for being healthy you have to do what it takes.

2 thoughts on “Cooking : Superpower Unlocked

  1. Abhishek I am so happy for you and glad that you are learning how to cook! I don’t do it as often as I should but you are right, it does take time. Our housemate, my ex-boyfriend Will, is very knowledgeable about food and it is one of the things that is easiest for me to spend time talking about with him. Joel, my husband, doesn’t usually cook from complicated recipes but he will do the simple stuff like prepare pasta dinners or make grilled cheese sandwiches. I have a lot of his family recipes, which his mother shared with me shortly after we got married, but I haven’t been making many of them recently since I became a vegetarian, because almost all of them involve meat. I did make a potato and cheese casserole last week from the recipe collection that lasted quite a while and tasted pretty good. Next time I will use cream of mushroom soup for the base of that, rather than cream of chicken…


    • Thanks Lyn!
      Your dish potato and cheese casserole sounds delicious.
      In Indian houses we have a vessel called casserole. It is used for keeping the chappatis warm. I never knew until now the origin for the name. (I looked up the dish on wiki). Its also called hotpot.


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