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Your messages
Why don’t they arrive!

For the past hour
Every now and then
I have picked the phone
With eagerness.
Unlocked it
Locked it again.
Logged on the computer
Refreshed the page
A hundred times.
That ting-tong I heard
Raises me a bit.
I unlock only to see
That stupid promotional thing.
Disappointment hits hard.
I can not stay quiet.
I can not call you even.
I can not do a thing
Except reading
Our history.
Documented word by word, in the logs
Your smileys, how cute they appear
Interspersed between the lines
Here and there.
As if you really loved.
Really cared.
It’s been fifteen minutes
And you have not replied yet.
17 to be precise.
Maybe you don’t care.
But maybe you do.
This is a thin straw of probability
And I cling to it

Then brilliantly I do it again.
Over and over
Locking unlocking
Picking up
Putting down
Re-reading the history.
History has never appealed to me.
History is mostly made up
By powerful people.
But not this one
We are not powerful people.
Atleast I am not.
This one is not made up.
It is true to every word, comma, colon
Asterisk, brace, exclamation mark and those dots..
Which mean nothing but mean so much.
Possibilities period.
I move in my chair
Try to rock it
Try to spin it around
Unlike the pending assignments
I can not shrug you off.
Nor the thoughts of you.
You do have power
Power over me.
You are powerful.
Is this history made up too?
Deliberately edited when live?
And its been more than thirty minutes now.
No, this could not be true
XOXO’s were only for me.
That straw might be thin
But it is strong.

As they say history haunts
But this history solaces
If only for a while.
I realise now
Ticks, single or double
Both can pierce with their rather blunt edges.

In all this
Unlocking locking and refreshing
I am trapped.
Stale as the chat history
Locked as if in a time warp
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Photographie : Again

I picked up the camera once again.Photography is catching up with me.
Heres the second batch of my shots. Took them on July Tenth.
Click to enlarge and just in case if you missed the first batch here’s the link.

Critiques welcome!


Everything looks so easy until you try doing it.
I had always thought of capturing images an easy task, one that requires not much skill but the right equipment. But today I realised how wrong my perception had been when I myself tried shooting, I had the right equipment : a Nikon D5100 of a friend lying around, but not the skills. After a lot of adjustments and help from Rohit I managed to get it right.
Photography requires not only the knowledge of balancing light, color and other technicalities but also a lot of patience, stillness and ability to appreciate the moment as it is.
Click on these to enlarge.

I am a bit hooked to photography.
Buying a camera is on my priority list now.

Cacophony Of Silence

whitenoiseI dislike the vulgarly blaring loudspeakers
I hate the honks of trucks and cars make in the jam
I hate noise in general.
I am scared of silence.

Noise crisscrosses the temporary and cancels.
Silence adds up the past, the permanent
Becomes heavy :
Lost battles
Neglected wounds
Forgotten heartbreaks
Painful deceits
Defects damages and deaths…

Then silence becomes visible and grueling to tolerate.
The cacophony is too clear to avoid
Harsher than noise of vulgar loudspeakers.
Shriller than the honks.

In noise things are lost,
We hear a lot but listen nothing.
In silence,
We hear nothing but listen a lot
And listening to silence is deafening.

Missed Call


I was thinking about you
And suddenly you appeared
On the ridiculously large display
I was staring at.

Alerted and still
I shook
By the tremor it caused
In my hands and heart.

Vibrations and ring tones can be painful
At times
Voluntarily, I tried to gather courage while
Involuntarily, my right thumb silenced it
To ease the pain that I wanted.

Muffled, in my hands you became still
But on the ridiculously large display you still smiled
Maybe love can’t be asphyxiated
That easily by pressing buttons.

I missed your call just now
But I have missed you for too long.

If you feel overwhelmed, breathe. It will calm you and release the tensions.
If you are worried about something coming up, or caught up in something that already happened, breathe. It will bring you back to the present.
If you are moving too fast, breathe. It will remind you to slow down, and enjoy life more.
Breathe, and enjoy each moment of this life. They’re too fleeting and few to waste.

By Leo Babauta


A Round Trip To Remember

We always reach where we started from, it is what we do on the round trip that matters.
Four years ago, I left Patna to join NIT Jamshedpur with excitement and mild disappointment post-JEE results.
Yesterday I left Jamshedpur to reach Patna with even more excitement, lots of experiences, memories, luggage, almost an engineering degree and a whistle.
And I did a lot on this round trip.
The infrastructure at NIT is terrible but it is the zeal of people there that keeps thing moving. I was fortunate enough to interact with lots of talented and passionate people – seniors, juniors and batchmates who go beyond their limits and encourage others to do the same. They inspire me and will continue to do so forever.
I learned a lot of things here, amongst all of them most valuable one was completing things overnight. Be it assignments, projects, examination prep, apps, robots, TV series, movies or making movies, everything done with perfection before deadline.

The level of enjoyment hostel has offered us was exceptional -“naina alqaeda level”. Let us not ruin this post by talking about mess food but
the time spent on the mess’ tables will always be remembered.
The post-dinner walks, discussions, ojass, kavi-sammelan… with all will be cherished lifelong…

Parting is painful but for some ungodly reason I have not felt sadness or pain yet. Maybe I am yet to come to terms with reality but I am really happy that all of us have graduated to another phase of life. The phase where we will take things head on and solve problems, create better things for humanity.

“Hum jahan bhi jayenge chamatkar pe chamatkar karenge or NIT jamshedpur ka naam roshan karenge!!”
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Of Howrah

I had a chance of visiting Howrah recently. It is not that Howrah station is new to me. I have been visiting it two point five times a year on an average since 2010.

The first time I stepped down at Howrah was in 2010 to give an Engineering Entrance Test. It was an average May morning.The overcrowded place reminded me of my grandmothers description ‘when you will visit Calcutta, there will be a sea of people..’, there before me were uncountable human beings walking with whatever luggage they could afford in random directions.

The thing that amazed me most was the rail tracks ended all of a sudden!
The station was a terminal.
This was a lot different than Patna Junction where people boast of a station that connects all major cities of India.
That day the sudden end of tracks reminded me about discontinuous functions and how painful it would be to integrate them piece wise; I was high on maths those days.
But ain’t these tracks integrated everyday by the billions of commuters who travel across the length and breadth of the country?
They are.But I digress.

The summer of Howrah is made unbearable by the moisture contributed by the river. You have to bath each time you come back to hotel.

My couple of days spent led me to the hypothesis that Kolkata is the city with largest smoking population, which I solemnly believe till date. Anytime and every time I left the hotel, a smoker would appear before the other one was out of sight : the man talking on phone, street-side vendor selling datun and beedi, a man crossing road, a man peeing in corner, rickshaw-driver and cab-drivers.

A smoking cab-driver.
That is how we met our driver waiting for us on the latest visit a week back.
Well, we do not mind smokers in Kolkata. Do we?
However, he was polite enough to not smoke inside the royal ambassador.
But his politeness evaporated as he started driving. Relying too much on brake fluid he stepped on the brakes real hard, accelerated normally but yelled and cursed almost each driver he overtook. We had many narrow escapes sometimes from barriers sometimes from buses and sometime from cyclists.

Smoke and rash driving have seeped into the culture of Kolkata and no one seems to mind it.

While tracks and roads never end, journeys should. They should end safely. Howrah is a place where infinitely long rail tracks end too. Shouldn’t journeys end safely there too?

Weird : A collection

The following have been written at random times doing random things. Disconnected from each other but perhaps have the same tone.

Working Hard was never a problem.
Working Hard till you bleed, that is something.
How much will you entertain yourself?
How much will be enough?
No Limits sire,
No Limits.
Love was a motive which brought me here.
Love has brought me down to my knees.
I now know for sure it is not love.
It was something else.
Cravings how much i have for you
Only i know
Teased and tensed i lie
Tickled by thought at the same time
Trying to trick but mind does not buy
Desires unfulfilled
Restless I lie.
The other day i saw you watching me
The ever glinting eyes were dull
The sparkle gone, now moist
Parting is tough
You make it tougher.

Easier too i realise
Your warmth and softness
Behind the bars
Imagining I live and die each day.
Society has hated me
I have hated it back
Mutual relations you know
Both have lost a lot.
Wasn’t this predetermined
Everything that will be done and that wont be done.
Everything was written.
Vile existence. Insects Animals Humans.
Wish i could smoke a cigar
How tough it can be
Holding Puffing Lightness
It is thick though.

Weekend Hack Idea : Improving time spent on wikipedia

Wikipedia is greatest wonder the web has created.It is an indispensable tool and the go-to-place when you have to know about anything new.
But when doing research for some writing project, normally people end up with lots of tabs [for me it is 12-20 ] after opening inline links in new tab.And after an hour at times you end with something entirely different from what you had initially planned to know about or thinking about wasted time doing ninja moves while switching tabs as the tab title isn’t visible anymore.

manyTabsTIP: CTRL+tab buttons will help you switch tabs from left to right. CTRL+SHIFT+TAB will switch tab from right to left.

I plan to make a chrome extension which can be helpful for researchers so their productivity increases.
The idea is simple : when mouse hovers over a wiki link fetch the content asynchronously and show it in a popover. wiki snippets!

Caned By Their Own Policies

This post focuses on the Miller-Farmer tussle in UP India, an example of how vote-bank politics alter and cause economy to falter. As the tension continues many will loose a lot. If you are from UP you might see a violent turn to this stalemate situation created. Millions of farmers are selling their produce at loss.Maybe another Vidarbh in making.

If you paid attention during school you will remember sugarcane for

  • being a cash crop and/or
  • miraculous nitrogen fixation (yes it is not a legume but..)

However, today i will discuss about sugarcane in altogether new setup:  UttarPradesh, Cane crushing mills, farmers and blind vote-bank policy decisions of the state.

Sugarcane is largest grown cash crop worldwide and India is the second largest producer after Brazil.
Growing sugarcane is water intensive.Interestingly fields are set on fire after they mature. The standing reeds are cut and the leftover ash acts as fertilizer. The canes are taken to crushing mills where their juice is squeezed out and repeatedly heated to obtain a syrup. From that syrup molasses,sugar,jaggery and many other products are obtained. The residual dehydrated cane acts as animal fodder.
UttarPradesh (UP) and Maharashtra  (Maha) are two largest sugarcane producing states of India. Adequate rainfall this year cheered UP and Maha farmers as they hoped to make for the loss of the year before. But a bumper produce is turning out to be a sore thumb as the mills decline to buy canes at the SAP.
Before you wonder what is SAP, let me introduce you to a cryptic looking acronyms couple related to sugarcane pricing:

  1.  FRP: Fair and Remunerative Price and
  2.  SAP: State Advised Price (Oh! what you thought it was SAmajwadiParty)

FRP is the price of agriculture produce recommended by the Central Government’s Commission for Agricultural Cost and Planning [ assumably a board of grey haired economist and policy makers] based upon many years of investment-return data. For sugarcane it is Rs.210 per 100 kg this year.
SAP is the price of sugarcane decided upon by the state government [assumably a sap father/son duo] disregarding the economics (cost of the output or global produce). It is mainly based on nearness of elections and to keep vote-banks secure. It is Rs.280 per 100 kg for sugarcane.

Returning to logjam between mills and farmers, mill owners are demanding lowering of sappy SAP as they have been operating under loss since last year.
How this affects the farmer?
Early November is the peak time to start crushing the canes, as the matter is dragged and time lost, produce will start to rot. This is forcing them to sell sugarcane at half of SAP around Rs 150-Rs 200. Time is of utter importance to them as, if they will not sow wheat on time, they will have to incur more losses.

How this affects millers?
Well, they are not operating so they will not be earning anything.It is pretty much obvious.

So the culprit seems to be SAP @ 280.

Why SAP for sugarcane is higher than FRP?
There are 4 million farmers involved in sugarcane farming.
2014 is election year.
Making them happy at expense of 200 private mills is a good decision from Yadavas vantage as sugarcane is the second largest “political capital” after caste that controls the polls in UP.
Moreover there is a tradition of increasing sugarcane SAP each year. During SP’s previous tenure SAP for sugarcane underwent 32% increase. Following under Mayawti’s rule a whooping  90% increase, nearly doubling income of farmers for the same amount of produce. @Rs280 Akhilesh is doing what he had claimed in his manifesto, increase sugarcane SAP to Rs 300. This is plain politics at play.

What about economics?
It is bad economics. Artificially stimulating a dead market might be ok but manipulating a balanced market is very unhealthy and it is being reflected in the losses of balance sheets of the sugar mills.
Normally populist decision lead to bad economics but really good politics.But for Akhilesh Yadav this is turning out to be double whammy with bad economics as well as bad politics. He seems at his wits end when he blames center for wrong sugarcane pricing policy to console the agitated farmers and sulking millers.

Why increase only sugarcane SAP, why not wheat, paddy?
I am glad you asked it.
Because sugarcane SAP is paid by the private mill owners not government.
Because wheat and paddy SAP will have to be paid by the state exchequer not some private firm.As government is the major buyer of the wheat/paddy produce it has to pay for it whereas sugarcane state advised price offers the ruling party to earn large vote bank without burning a hole in pocket or doing any real development work.

What about the millers?
They have been complaining ever since this trend of artificial price fixing, primarily aimed at removing their exploitative  pricing, started. Today the government is exploiting them. All of them are operating under heavy losses.

Shouldn’t the farmers get more for what they do in farms?
Certainly, there is a recommended revenue sharing model in which mills share upto 70% of the income with the farmers.Partial payment model is used and farmers get major payment once the mills have sold all their produce.But implementing it requires actual policy reforms for the sugarcane sector not some phony-vote-bank-scheme.And that requires some actual work which Akhilesh’s government has not shown much  interest in.

What can be done to save the farmers produce and remove the logjam?
Reduce the SAP, farmers will not like it but..

That would not turn good for SP {this is Samajwadi Party not SAP} electorally.Can’t we have something else?
Let me show you a master move: Centre gives Bailout Package from the under utilised agriculture fund.

Why would centre care to give a bailout package??
Oh! you are naive like me. 2014 is election year. Mulayam Yadav is a potential UPA ally and UPA is at center.


A bailout package is speculated to be on its way and seems the only way out but center should ensure that UP follows the recommended revenue sharing model for future. Otherwise this might set precedence for others to sell saccharine laced disasters, while expecting center to play guardian each time.