Cooking : Superpower Unlocked

I have started cooking!
Unlike my impression of it, its quite easy to prepare edible stuff with little practice.
You just have to follow the process and be cautious (You are actually playing with fire here). You will feel powerful changing raw vegetables, flours, spices into something that is edible delicious and unlike takeaways healthy using fire and water.
Like an alchemist, but more than that because food is more important than gold.

While I have been doing household chores for long, I have always been dependent on others for preparing my food all my life, not now.

The only problem is it is time consuming. It takes about an hour to prepare roti and vegetables. But for being healthy you have to do what it takes.

The Year That Was

2014 has been a good year for me.
Better than 2013. Though nothing went as planned.
But it was not all chaos either.
There were some conscious decisions. Some difficult decisions which might be watershed for me.

I will remember this year because many of my mental myths were broken.
I now believe in abundance, trust in the process and know money is not real wealth.
I am wiser than before but I am still foolish.

“Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them.”

I realized this part of holstee’s manifesto to a large extent in 2014.

I broke my only resolution that I can remember “Not using Windows or Java”
Well using Windows was kind of forced.
As for Java, it is ugly, I hate it but you have to do what you have to do.

However I did not create many of my conceived products.
2015 is dedicated to that.
In fact that is how I spent the night of 31st Dec 14 and the day of 1st Jan 15 : Crafting something that I have always wanted to.
A good beginning but momentum has to be maintained.

Some of the greatest influence in 2014 were
Daniel Kahneman, Eric Ries, Steve Blank, Rujuta Diwekar, James Clear, Paul Graham, DeMacro.
Their work has made me rethink and do things in better way.
A big thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Some great events from 2014 would be
Pizzahackers Showcase, Ojass’14 digireg and aftermath, CampusHash events, Shifting to Bangalore.

Some of the craziest things that I did were
Cleared a traffic jam on a highway, Interviewed people posing as a journalist, Left the group for exploring waterfalls alone.

Some of new things this year were
Climbing up the Shimla point, Getting an Android phone, Lodging an FIR, becoming health conscious, Whatsapp usage, Going to a pub, Trying espresso, watching plays, taking lots of photographs and making GIFs, Death of people I knew.

Some low points of this year would be
Not asking for the phone number or name, Ojass Tshirt and the mess, Final year project submission, Listening to Ravinder Singh, Watching gulab gang (However Queen overcame that), Shifting, Empty pockets and life on loan, Deciding where to stay sitting in 60 ft road.

Some memorable moments from this year would be
The debut workshop and banarsi thugs, “Why I am not getting high”, Seeing off people at Tatanagar Railway Station, When the makefile worked, Finding TOLET board.

Technologies that I used this year
PHP, Python, JS, C, HTML5, CSS3, git, Redis, Django, Flask, Java and Node.

2015 is here, but I am not taking resolutions or wishing for things.

Events happen due to process.
Process happens due to habits.
Wishes don’t change habits.
Will does.

I read this few days back

Sin is not how long you are an average or  a beginner. Sin is when you know what you have to do for becoming master and do not do it.

*Hope that I wont sin anymore this year!

I will end this post with lines taken from my new manifesto from this song in the beautiful voice of GLaDoS:

We do what we must
Because we can
For the good of all of us
Except the ones who are dead.
Still Alive
Look at me still talking
When there is science to do
When I look out there
It makes me glad I am not you
I have experiments to run
There’s research to be done
On the people who are
Still alive!
And believe me I am
Still alive!

*This is not a wish.It is hope. How’s that different?
Hope is when you have confidence and maybe control. Wish is when you don’t have either.