Poems that I wrote 2: Chewing Gum

Chewing this mint
I get the hint
Aren’t some relations like chewing gum?

Attractively packed
We eye them greedily as promises stacked
Taste of confectionary
Mingled with smell of berry
You covet it as for cake topped with cherry
Or like the sweet sherry
Appetizing you for more….
As you start indulging in it
Its flavor mixes with your juices
Sort of adrenalin gushes
You are on a high
Chewing it slowly you fly……

Gradually softened
You chew
And chew
And chew
Taste buds hypnotized
Mind and heart mesmerized
Sweetness at its peak
But, fragrance turning bleak……..
Still you chew
But with time you utter ‘phew’
Saliva magic ends
The lovely tale bends
The sensation fades
Gum becomes gum
Drained of taste
Its waste!
Nothing seems fresh or new
And you realize ‘chewable’ (‘likeable’) people are few
Spitting out the gum
You regret your association with a bum
Out of self anger you spit feeling uncouth
As if to cleanse your mouth…….

Once again
Life turns stale
You miss the gale….

Looking around
Many people chewing the gum are found
Going through various stages
Enjoying, as if blessed by sages
You get jealous, bored and start looking for something new
Willing for another breakthrough
Hoping someone happens fast
Hoping the fun to last…
While my thinking and writing stint
Flavor has been lost by my mint
I too spit it out
But I don’t regret the money spent
Or the time that went
Because I am not tangled in such a mesh(mess)
Because at least my mouth is minty fresh!!!